Podcast of the week: Alexx talks about moving from a water damaged building

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I admit I’ve been a little behind in my podcasts of late. I see ones pop up that I want to listen too and just haven’t had much of a chance. And I don’t want to recommend them unless I’ve actually listened to them.

But something compelled me to listen to this one. You see we’re building a new home and I’m very interested in all things ‘construction’ at the moment. I’ve been researching a lot on materials we need to use to prevent condensation and moisture related problems which ultimately lead to mould. I guess that’s why I wanted to listen to this. We don’t have a ‘water damage’ problem, nor the symptoms of mould related illness but it interests me to see what can eventuate and how it can be treated. The thing is, many buildings are water damaged unbeknownst to the occupants. The push to have energy efficient ‘bubble’ homes actually promotes moisture retention. And many of the cheaper and more popular building materials and designs contribute to the problem.

In this podcast Alexx is quite open and honest about her health issues and journey since moving into a water damaged building 7 years ago. Unfortunately for her and many other people, the reason for these insidious symptoms wasn’t apparent until very recently. She details what some of them are, how they were detected and the steps she’s taking in her recovery. In their case the only real ‘solution’ was to move house and start again with many of their belongings. It’s quite incredible the lengths Alexx and her family went to in the move to ‘clean’ the possessions they were taking with them and how they decided what needed to go….that mattress was NEVER going to be remediated. ┬áBut in true Alexx style she has shared this journey to help others and has turned it into a positive as it was an opportunity to declutter!

A must listen for anyone who thinks themselves, a family member or friend may be in a similar situation in water damaged building.

Plus there is some great tips on how to clean stuff in a low tox way (Lego, specific dry cleaners) and low tox product replacements.

Hope it helps some of you out there and if you’re interested in checking out more of the podcasts that I listen to, click here.

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