Podcast of the week: Solidteknics Innovation in the face of a throw-away culture

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You’ve all heard me rave about my Solidteknics cookware. I’m lucky enough to have 3 of the AUS ION pieces now! Slowly replacing my other stuff as it wears out.

Well here is your chance to find out a bit more about the company and product from the founder, Mark J. Henry. Jo and Fouad from A Quirky Journey are also massive Solidteknic fans so they invited him onto their weekly podcast to tell them and their listeners a little bit more. The history and vision is amazing!

I never realised just how amazing these were until I got them. Sustainable, not coated in questionable synthetics, healthy to cook with and durable! Plus each item is made from one seamless piece of metal so no handles to break or have loose screws. Mind you, it did take me a few months to get the seasoning right but perseverance pays off!

Solidteknics also now have their nöni stainless steel range and have just launched the new pieces in this range on Kickstarter like they always do. The prices may seem expensive but they are well below the eventual retail cost and are so worth the investment given they last forever. Family heirlooms we like to call them. Plus they are designed and made locally in Australia. Read more about the campaign here but be quick as it closes at the end of February.

So have a listen and next time you’re in the market for new cookware, seriously consider Solidteknics!

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