Podcast of the week: Natural Contraception

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Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life seriously has the best guests on her weekly podcasts!

It’s a real highlight of my week listening to the latest release. So informative and interesting!

So onto this one right? In this weeks recommended podcast, Alexx interviews Francesca Naish, a naturopath and herbalist who has decades of experience in women’s health, fertility for couples and natural contraception.

Francesca talks all about the contraceptive ‘pill,’ it’s wide ranging side effects and similarly, other forms of contraception. She also provides in depth information on how natural contraception works and how your lunar cycle can sometimes have an influence (there’s a new concept many of us wouldn’t have heard of!)

All I can say is, I wish I was more interested in my own health and well being when I was younger before I subjected myself to years of synthetic hormones. I wish I had the insight to seek out people like Alexx and Francesca and listen to the wisdom and knowledge they are so willing to share.

A must for all women and those who have daughters to listen to!

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