Podcast of the week: Gluten – All you need to know with Dr Tom O’Bryan

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Gluten isn’t bad for you, bad gluten is bad for you!

If you’ve considered moving to a gluten free lifestyle, this podcast might be enough to help you take the plunge.

I say plunge because it really is a new way of thinking if you eat a lot of packaged foods or eat out often. Gluten hides in everything as its a cheap ingredient many manufacturers use in or as part of the many additives and preservatives in their products.

In this podcast, Dr Tom O’Bryan really explains in detail the reason why so many people follow a gluten free lifestyle and the damage gluten can do to your gut and wider body systems. Essentially many people have gluten every time they eat and this constant assault (and inflammation) of the gut can cause what he terms ‘loss of oral tolerance.’ Once this threshold is crossed, and your body develops an immune response to ‘gluten,’ it is a difficult road back.

Being gluten free is a critical step in the recovery for many people with coeliac disease, non coeliac gluten sensitivity and even some people with auto immune diseases. Dr Tom also talks about the gluten proteins that humans can’t digest and how cross sensitivity can occur to food you think are gluten free.

But remember, don’t just swap to gluten free packaged foods. They are just as bad for you because of the other additives and preservatives many of them contain!

This really is an informative and eye opening podcast. I’m sure even those of you familiar with gluten free will learn heaps….I did!

Just a tip though, if you don’t want to listen to Jo and Fouad’s chit chat (you might though cause it’s always entertaining!), fast forward to about the 46 minute mark in for the interview with Dr Tom.

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