Podcast of the week: 10 Toxic Truths with Professor Marc Cohen

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Although I’m sure it’s never the intention, some podcasts I listen to sometimes make me feel that whatever I do, I can never escape the chemicals in this world.

In this podcast, Alexx Stuart interviews Marc Cohen who quite blatantly tells us the top 10 toxic truths in today’s society. Things such as:

  • everyones affected
  • chemicals when combined can be synergistic in their effect even though they may be safe on their own
  • effects are trans generational. What you do can effect your children and their children
  • unborn babies and infants (particularly if they are breastfed) are the most vulnerable
  • small doses magnify in effect up the food chain

Although on the outset it may seem doom and gloom, it’s not really. Through choices we make for ourselves and our families, we can minimise the impact and improve our health. The current numbers say that up to 60% of chronic diseases are lifestyle related and environmental toxins are strongly implicated. So don’t be a statistic!

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