Podcast of the week: Genes, GMO’s and Glyphosate

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This weeks podcast recommendation might not sound interesting but I can tell you its a game changer.

Actually, it’s not a podcast of the week, it’s a triple header. The first is where Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life interviews Professor Michael Antoniou, a medical research scientist specialising in genetics. They discuss his research on:

  • doctored genes (i.e. genetically modified) of plants and food crops and the negative impact it has on the people who eat it
  • toxic levels of glyphosate being ingested in most places through out the world including Australia

What really annoys me most is how much GMO’s and glyphosate is actually in our ‘conventional’ food chain and we don’t know about it beacuse it doesn’t have to be on the label.

If you’re not up for listening to the science and just want to know how to avoid the nasties, then this second follow up podcast is for you. In it, Alexx discusses some great tips for being able to afford a predominantly organic diet so you and your family can enjoy a diet free from GMO’s and glyphosate. Farmers markets, learning how to cook cheaper cuts of meats, swapping out your top 3 volume items for organic, swapping from products to produce, dirty dozen clean 15, grow your own, eat seasonally, and it goes on. Sensible, practical and affordable advice that everyone can work towards achieving.

In the third podcast of the series, Alexx interviews activist, Fran Murrell, who is a co founder of MADGE ( Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering or Mothers Advocating Deliciously Good eating!) Fran has been active in this area since the 1990’s when she realised just how horrifying pesticides were to human health. Alexx and Fran chat about how the everyday person can make food choices in their own home in order to change the health of themselves, their family and the world.

Listening to these is a three hour ‘free’ investment in your health. Also check out the ‘show notes’ in the links I’ve posted to the podcasts. Fantastic recaps and references for further reading.

If you’re interested in checking out more of the podcasts that I listen to, click here.

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