Podcast of the week: Bioactive Coenzyme Q10 with Cardiologist Dr Ross Walker

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For those of you with a keen interest in cardiovascular disease and statin use (like me) this fx medicine podcast is a must.

Prominent Australian cardiologist, Ross Walker has been practicing in his ‘trade’ for over 30 years and provides his patients with a blend of integrative and conventional treatment approaches. In fact I remember well a quote I once heard him say; ‘Integrative medicine is building a fence at the top of the cliff so you don’t fall. Conventional medicine is like the ambulance waiting at the bottom of the cliff once you have fallen.’

In this podcast he talks all about co-enzyme Q10 and the benefits he sees it gives his patients. There is also some interesting nuggets of info on how and when he decides whether or not to prescribe statins and which ones to minimize the inevitable side effects. 

He always amazes me with his memory of clinical trials and the figures and outcomes he just reels off the top of his head.

Although Ross freely admits the patients he sees are already a biased sample (self selected to see him for his treatment approach), he claims those who follow his 5 pillars of wellness (no addiction, exercise regularly, be happy, eat whole and real foods and adequate sleep) don’t have any problems. 

Well worth a listen.

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