Podcast of the week: Electromagnetic frequencies with Building Biologist Nicole Bijlsma

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I’ve posted about electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) before and here I am again! Every time I listen to Nicole Bijlsma, I learn a million new things. Well not really a million but that’s what it feels like.

In this podcast, Nicole is being interviewed by Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life about all things EMF. How enmeshed they are in our modern world and how harmful they can be if we don’t be mindful about our usage and exposure. Nicole has a heartbreaking story with a happy ending as to how she ended up being a pioneer in the ‘building biology’ industry and why she is so passionate about helping others.

Radio frequencies were first noted to be of harm back during World War 2. So why are we still using them and why has our usage increased?¬†Trillion dollar companies that are trying to convince us that they are safe is how. Smacks of the stories about tobacco and asbestos and lead. Interestingly, the leading insurance companies of the world (Lloyd’s and the Swiss) will not insure telecommunications companies.

So back to EMF and you. EMF affects your body’s melatonin and therefore your sleep cycles and your hormones. That means it can really play havoc on many of your natural body functions.

But lets be real. We can’t completely avoid it these days, but we can minimise our exposure with a few simple changes. Here is just a few things covered in the podcast that might be of interest:

  • EMF with respect to solar panels, fridges and smart meters and where they should be in the home
  • Where you should place your digital clock radio if you have one
  • Why you should never have a cordless phone in your home
  • How you are best to use your mobile phone when in use and when not in use
  • How to mange your internet and wifi at home

Fortunately ‘mainstream’ health professionals are starting to take some interest in this area and how it could be harming their patients. More and more studies are being published as the years tick on. These take time to conduct as the dangers of EMF (i.e. brain cancer) have a long latency period. Something to the affect of 15 to 25 years. So don’t believe those studies conducted over a few years that report no adverse effect! Unfortunately for us we¬†haven’t yet reached the latency for 3G as yet which came out in the mid 2000’s. What it does to us when we have our phones in constant proximity is yet to be seen.

Don’t assume it’s been tested as safe for human use if it’s for sale!

A game changing listen and will definitely get you rethinking how you live with and use EMF emitting devices.

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