Podcast of the week: The Pill, Periods And Fertility With Dr Nat Kringoudis

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I’ve just started listening to a new podcast series hosted by Melissa Ambrosini. Not all of the episodes are to my taste but there are some little gems. Like this one.

It was a great listen as I drove out to the Yarra Valley one Sunday for a family birthday. My husband was driving another car and both kids were asleep in the back for nearly the whole trip both ways so I was in my element!

In this episode┬áMelissa interviews Nat Kringoudis. Nat is a very knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining listen on all things hormonal and women’s health and fertility. Find out why irregular cycles are not normal and things you can do to support your body to help reset it. She also talks about the contraceptive pill, the damage it can do to your body and alternative options.

Well worth a listen for those interested in this area of their health.

If you’re interested in checking out more of the podcasts that I listen to, click here.

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