Podcast of the week: Jo Atkinson Talks Kids, Food, Allergies and Intolerances

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I listened to this podcast a few weeks back where Jo Atkinson, a nutrition medicine practitioner, was interviewed about kids, food and the huge increase we are seeing in allergies and intolerances.

Jo talks about her personal issues with her own children and the huge transformation in their overall wellness when she started moving away from packaged and processed food.

She discusses some of the proposed reasons behind the current allergy and intolerance ‘epidemic.’  I hear these same reasons time and time again.

I love her very practical approach to food and bringing up kids to appreciate and want a real and wholefoods diet. I’ve heard this many times from people who only eat real food at home: give them the independence to eat (and buy) what they want when you are out at places like birthday parties. They soon realise how bad the food makes them feel and don’t want it again! My two year old can’t recognise this association just yet but we will work on it as he begins to understand more.

Well worth a listen.

Given I’ve been offline for a little while, if you are interested in what podcasts I currently subscribe and listen to, you can read about them here.

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