Short pause

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l’ve been super busy over the last couple of months. On top of the usual day to day (and night) activities that come with having two children under three, we’ve also been renovating a house. Sometimes you just have to realise your limits and when you are taking on too much.

I’ve reached that point at the moment so am taking a short break from the blog until we are finished, moved and settled. Hopefully it’s only another┬ámonth or two.

But don’t worry, I’ll be back better than ever with lots of super exciting things to share with you. Knowing me, I’ll still be reading, listening and collecting more information in the ‘bank’ every spare moment I have as it’s just what I enjoy doing!

I do┬áplan on still being active on my social media accounts as the information out there is made for sharing. I don’t want to completely fall off the radar as I love this work and interacting with all you like minded people too much. Keep in touch via Facebook and Instagram.

Until I return!

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