Sweet potato brownies

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They say that things come in three’s don’t they? Well with sweet potato, it did for me this week.

Firstly, the one I bought this week was HUGE. As often happens with organic produce, they aren’t perfect and sometimes they are really big or really small. You get what’s there. Secondly, a friend tagged me in a Facebook video showing how to make sweet potato brownies. And thirdly, I read another post on Facebook about how good a particular sweet potato brownie recipe was.

So when I had to make this weeks ‘sweet’ treat, I just had to try some sweet potato brownies. I spent a bit of time looking at a few different recipes and reading reviews as I was a bit skeptical. Plus I wanted one that was grain free, gluten free and refined sugar free. Not too much to ask really!

The problem was they all had coconut flour. Now I loathe using coconut flour as it never, and I repeat never, works for me. Everything I have ever made using coconut flour has been a disaster so as soon as I see a recipe that uses it, I discard it and keep looking for another one. Don’t ask me why I still keep a stash in my pantry.

Then I became a bit stuck. I found this recipe for ‘Berry Nice Brownies‘ by Georgia over at Well Nourished. Ticked all the boxes (including using up some of that huge sweet potato) BUT it did have coconut flour. All of Georgia’s recipes that I have made have been amazing but did I want to risk wasting my time (an extremely precious comodity at the moment) and ingredients just to have another coconut flour disaster? It was only a few tablespoons in the recipe….

I decided to live dangerously and am so glad I did! These are absolutely delicious and even my mother in law (big sweet tooth) thought they taste just like ‘normal’ ones!

Such a decadent treat and a big hit in our house. I’ll be in trouble if I don’t make them again.

As with most of the Well Nourished recipes, they contain ingredient variation for dietary requirements and instructions for both conventional and Thermomix methods. For these ones, I used the butter option and maple syrup as the sweetener (reduced it slightly to 140gm).

I highly recommend you try them. And you can secretly laugh to yourself about the extra vegetables you are sneaking into the family too!

Happy baking!

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