Podcast of the week: A Nourished Life and the Best Toxin Free Brands

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In this Real Food Reel Podcast, Steph Lowe interviews Irene Falcone from Nourished Life, one of my favourite online stores. Irene shares her personal story and why she set up Australia’s home of toxin free living.

She talks about her experience with parabens and why you should always avoid them. She also discusses the subject of greenwashing where companies try to make you think their products are ‘natural’ and safe when in fact they aren’t.

Listen to find out the top three personal care products you should seriously consider making sure they don’t contain toxins.

And head over to Nourished Life to check out all the fantastic products they have. You can be guarenteed it’s safe for you and your family if it’s on there. There really are so many brilliant and safe products these days that there is no excuse!

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