Creamy chicken and brown rice soup

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Since the weather turned cold so very quickly here in Melbourne, we’ve been having lots of soups.

My two year old loves them because one of his favourite things to do is dip the bread (grain free of course) into the soup and make a mess. I usually don’t mind too much as they are also packed full of vegetables, gut healing broth and immune boosting foods like garlic and onion. He doesn’t mind eating vegetables and I sneak as many in as I can to all the dishes.

I occasionally come across a fabulous recipe that requires no modifications whatsoever. Now that’s saying something because I love to mix and match with my cooking. Experiment here and there. Remove an ingredient and add an ingredient.

None of that is required with this amazing Creamy chicken and brown rice soup from Jo over at Quirky Cooking. Better still, being a Thermomix recipe, I just set and forget after the first few hands on steps. It cooks with no supervision required and allows me to sort childrens baths and all those other crazy evening time activities.

Delicious, nourishing and warming for those cold Winter nights. And just look how that spoon stands up by itself!

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