Healthy Bites: Reusable coffee pods

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I love coffee! And it’s not just about the pick me up although that’s such a bonus somedays when I’m running around after two small children. I actually really enjoy the taste of a good coffee.

A local cafe roasts their own beans on site and has many different blends to try from. And trust me, we’ve tried nearly all of them to find our favourite to have at home.

That’s why I was excited to see that reusauble coffee pods are now available!¬†Mainstream coffee pods are made from non biodegradable plastic and aluminium and create a massive amount of waste every year across the globe.

I’m fortunate enough to have a coffee machine that grinds the beans for me but for those that don’t, how¬†great is it to have pods that you can fill with your favourite blends!

So you get to enjoy your favourite blend AND do your bit for the environment? Winning I’d say.

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