Are your baby wipes safe?

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A recent conversation with a friend got me doing some investigation into the baby products that I use.

I had always thought I was using one of the least ‘toxic’ options for my children. Gaia baby wipes had been my¬†choice for both children since my oldest was born. Bamboo and free from alcohol, chlorine, parabens and petrochemicals, they were definately better than most of the brands out there. You do best with the knowledge you have at the time and truth be told, I hadn’t done a lot of research on the topic.

So my interest was¬†sparked. I stumbled across ‘My Non-Toxic Baby‘ website. I realised there was a whole new level of toxicity that babies are being subjected to that I hadn’t considered. Such insightful, informative and well researched information. And the best thing was, it is Australian so the product recommendations are meaningful!

You do need to sign up to Emily’s newsletter to read some of the complete articles and get the product ratings and recommendations. Trust me, you will want to.

My first thing to tackle was baby wipes. We go through so many. I’d love to make my own or better still not use any (washable clothes instead). But you need to pick your battles and priorities. I spend so much time ‘making my own’ food from scratch and already do too many loads of washing.

So I’ve just subscribed and received an order for a bulk pack of Joonya Eco Wipes. One pack in and I’m converted. These are the best around at the moment from a toxicity point of view and they work really well. And with the bulk purchase they aren’t that much more than I’m already spending. They should last me awhile I think! And I’m supporting an Australian business dedicated to improving the health of our children and environment through the provision of an eco friendly and safe product.

Next I’ll look at the nappies and what My Non-Toxic Baby has to say about them. But I’m thinking pigs might fly before I move to modern cloth nappies for two children. Never say never I guess!

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