Podcast of the week: Electromagnetic fields Danger in Disguise?

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Did you read my post last week about Podcasts? One of my favourites at the moment is the Functional Medicine one hosted by Andrew Whitfield Cook.

In this recent episode, Nicole Bijlsma, a naturopath and building biologist, shares her wealth of information on the topic of Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

I’ve kind of been burying my head in the sand about this until I have the capacity to start to make some change but this has really got me moving. There are definately some changes I’m going to make straight away that are easy. In addition to mobile phones, you’d be surprised the affect your cordless home phone, electricity meter, router, oven, fridge and inverters can have on the quality of sleep for yourself and your children. And that’s just scratching the surface. We can’t get rid of our modern technology but we can lessen our risk!

It is just a brilliant listen and if you don’t do anything else this week, listen to this!

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