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Sometimes I wonder where I get the time to keep up with all things happening in health and wellness.

You can’t keep abreast of everything all the time. Its really about knowing your reputable resources to read (and listen to!).

I have to admit I was slow on the uptake of this little gem. I never understood the fascination until about 2 years ago. Then I had an aha moment. Instead of sitting down and reading for my research all the time I could listen instead. And that meant I could multi task. Bonus! Although I don’t recommend reading whilst you are listening as your brain really will get muddled up.

So now I’m actually a self confessed podcast junkie.

Any chance I get, I’m popping one on to listen. Even in the car. You never know what your children might learn and they still fall asleep anyway without their tunes!

So what am I listening to at the moment?

Up For a Chat – Hosted by Cyndi O’Meara, Carren Smith and Kin Morrison. This podcast talks about all things pertaining to health, wellbeing, relationships and mindset.  They discuss familiar and not so familiar things when it comes to striving to be the healthiest you can be. Its about challenging the norm and traditions.

Low Tox Life – Hosted by Alexx Stuart, this show covers lots of low tox topics around sustainability, health, fashion, farming, lowering your toxic load and mind happiness. It focuses on ‘low tox’ not ‘no tox’ which to most of us who aren’t on an off grid hippy commune, isn’t achievable!

Functional medicine – Hosted by Andrew Whitfield Cook this show discusses research and evidence based therapeutic practices in the functional and integrative medicine space. Through interviewing leaders in this space on a variety of topics it works to promote change and improvement in patient health and wellbeing.

A Quirky Journey – Hosted by Jo Whitton and Fouad Kassab. Jo and Fouad share their families journeys to good health with practical insights into raising healthy kids in a world that makes it difficult to be different. They discuss living with food allergies, healthy living, Paleo & GAPS, and many other topics. There are also interviews with many interesting people in the health space, both experts and ordinary people who are undergoing a journey of healing.

The Real Food Reel – Hosted by Steph Lowe, this podcast covers real food (obviously), low carb high/healthy fat (LCHF), sports nutrition, endurance exercise, performance, hormones, gut health, fat loss, recipes and much more. Steph interviews leading experts in the field and you get the hard facts, truth bombs, and information gold mines. This is a recent new favourite of mine.

But don’t think I listen to all episodes of each all the time. I don’t have that much time on my hands! I just simply scroll through the unplayed episodes every couple of weeks and pick the ones that most interest me.

And what I like about all of these is they get you thinking outside the square and doing things differently so that you can make a difference in you and your families lives.

If your worried about your data download limits I often download them at home so they are there and ready to go when I’m out and about.

There are so many podcasts around these days that can help you on your health and wellness journey. I’d love to hear of any other like minded podcasts you listen to!

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