Healthy Bites: It’s time to redefine treats

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As a follow up to a post last week on how to reduce junk in your kids lives, I’m sharing this insightful article from Alexx Stuart that she mentioned in the video.

The fact that people refer to lollies and chocolate and doughnuts and the like as ‘treats’ has always sat uncomforatably with me. Alexx really hits the nail on the head in this article where she writes ‘Food colourings that can alter brain function and may cause cancer are not treats’ and ‘GMO corn or soy is not a treat.’ There are also a few other examples of shocking things in these so called ‘treat’ foods that I also wouldn’t knowingly eat or let my children eat.

Back in the days (geez now I really feel old) ‘treat’s’ were real food (mostly homemade) and chemical free. Whilst not the healthiest food, the worst part of them was probably the sugar content. And given they were combined with a real whole foods diet, it didn’t really matter much. It’s completely different today given most people follow the SAD (Standard Australian Diet) way of eating and these ‘treat’s’ are just processed chemicals.

I don’t believe in not having cakes and cookies and slices. We have the old version of ‘treats’ in our house but they are all homemade with real foods. I always use good quality, organic ingredients including natural sugars such as honey or rapadura (and I always reduce the sugar amounts anyway). The odd (ok maybe daily) consumption of these things is OK if they aren’t chemical concoctions!

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