Tips on Cleaning Your Thermomix

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My Thermomix works overtime on a normal day so can you imagine what it went through over Easter?!? Actually it was Easter Monday when it was in action all day because we had run out of so many things – gluten free bread, yoghurt, hummus, muffins, chia pudding and beef ragu with the left over roast. Oh and I can’t forget the┬ápancakes that someone requested for their birthday lunch!

It’s the workhorse of the kitchen and my husband jokes that every time I use it, the cost per use improves!

Although I pull it apart to wash after every use, it needs a really good clean every so often. It can go in the dishwasher too but I hardly ever put it in. I invariably need it when a cycle is running!

I always turn to these tips from ThermoFun to do the thorough clean. The lemon one is my favourite as it’s a great way to use up the lemon rinds and it also leaves the house smelling lemony fresh. And it leaves the Thermomix bowl looking sparkly and new again.

If you own a Thermomix, make sure you save this link to have it to refer to in the future. I have!


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