Healthy Bites: Protecting Your Baby’s Microbiome from the Start

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The amount of research that is being done on the gut microbiome at the moment is astounding. We are learning more and more everyday about how much it can affect our health and how it is implicated in many diseases. This is why it’s so important to look after it from the very beginning.

I recently read this very practical approach to how you can help build and nurture your baby’s microbiome. It begins when you are pregnant! Actually, if the truth be told, it starts preconception.

What I really like about this article is the fact that it is so factual (very well referenced) but practical. Aviva Romm is a doctor, midwife and herbalist so really takes into consideration the whole picture! She discusses the real life situations facing women pre, during and post childbirth that can affect the microbiome of both the mother and the baby. It acknowledges the fact that sometimes situations arise where you may have to do something unplanned (such as take an antibiotic) and that’s OK. But it then goes on to explain how you can help counteract the negative effects this will have on your and the babies microbiome.

I know I was more aware of the microbiome during my second pregnancy than my first. My diet was ‘cleaner’ and I took probiotics throughout the pregnancy. Although I didn’t have a caesarean section, I had already discussed microbiome seeding with my obstetrician in case the situation arose. There are subtle differences I’ve noted between my two children that may be explained by this greater awareness and proactiveness around the microbiome. But it may not be either. Who knows?

You can read the article here. It’s a must for anyone who is pregnant or planning on it! And for those of you who may be just interested in the current research and recommendations.

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