Play when you don’t want to play

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Children seem to have a never ending supply of energy to burn. If I moved as much as my toddler did in one day, I’d say I would have completed my workout quota for the month.

In fact I once read an article referencing a survey that said the average toddler expends the same energy in a day as if an adult did 249 minutes in the boxing ring, ran 30 miles, or cycled 82 miles at 12-14mph!

Here is a great link to some ‘play’ suggestions when you don’t want to play but also don’t want to resort to TV. Mind you, TV kicks in as my helper by about 5pm in the evening. So much so, my toddler knows ‘5 o’clock’ on the clock because of this!

Some of the play suggestions were a lifesaver in the last trimester of my second pregnancy! Especially painting the fence. Playing doctors doesn’t work so well though as he likes to jump all over me. And I still use the bath one regularly….it’s like a little oasis of calm when I can sit down in the bathroom and have a 10 minute breather whilst he splashes around entertaining himself in the chaotic evening hours.

I’d love to hear of any other great ideas you have that allow you to play with the kids when you aren’t really!

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