Travel and food

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I love to travel. I think it comes through the experiences and memories I have from my family holidays when I was growing up.

Luckily my husband shares my love of travel. And to unusual places too! There isn’t a year that goes by without us going somewhere. Before children it was almost always some overseas destination. In fact, children hasn’t really stopped us. My son has been to Europe twice before he was 17 months old. And I’ve just got my daughter’s passport ‘in case’ we decide at short notice to go somewhere this year. Maybe or maybe not. Its hard work taking children on planes and we really should spend some time exploring this wonderful country of our own. Is a road trip with two young children easier than a plane ride?!?

What I don’t like about travelling however is the constant eating out. Have you ever had that feeling on holiday where you just want a plate of steamed vegetables or a salad with NOTHING on it? Don’t get me wrong, I love to immerse myself in other cultures and part of that is experiencing and enjoying their cuisine. But it’s all too much for me when its breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. My body just can’t handle it anymore. And you really have no idea what is in many of the prepared foods you get.

The last few trips we’ve done, I’ve made a point of staying in apartments with kitchens. This allows us the flexibility to eat out but also to eat at home. And to prepare food to take for snacks or lunch when we are out. This is so important to me particularly with children. Once I get to my destination, I scope out the markets and supermarkets for my staples and take it from there. Where possible, I still try to source organic (this is super easy in Europe) but if I can’t that’s ok. Non organic home prepared foods are still a better option than restaurant or fast food meals. I only wish every apartment had a Thermomix or it wasn’t so hard to take mine with me!

Some time ago, I read this blog post outlining some really handy tips about how to eat healthily whilst travelling. There are some really great suggestions including:

  • Perishable and non perishable options to pack and buy
  • What to pack to eat on the plane (Yes you can do this. In fact my food bag for our last trip was almost as big as my carry on bag!)
  • Other useful items to take
  • Grocery shopping at your destination
  • Eating out at restaurants and with others

The last paragraph really resonated with me. The reason why we go on holiday is to relax, enjoy and see a different part of the world. Don’t ruin it by stressing about what you are eating. You can’t control everything and sometimes you may be faced with undesirable food options that you would never consider at home and that’s OK. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and not leave yourself with memories of constantly worrying about your food. Besides, there is lots of research to suggest that stress affects your digestive health so you will just make it worse. I can tell you I definately enjoyed the tapas in San Sebastian in Spain in the photo above!

So enjoy your next holiday and hopefully you can get a few tips from here to make it a healthier one food wise.


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