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I’d been following the work and success of Cyndi O’Meara, the founder of Changing Habits for a number of years since reading her book, Changing Habits, Changing Lives.  I love the passion, enthusiasm, honesty and integrity that she exudes in order educate us about all things nutrition, diet and health. So when I first found out about the Functional Nutrition Course being conducted by Changing Habits I was really excited.

I missed out on the first intake of students. Looking back (isn’t hindsight a great thing?) it was probably a good thing. I’d just recently had my first child and there is no way I would have been able to study as well as learning this new ‘job’ called motherhood that comes with no manual or training! Fast forward a year and a half and I was ready to do it.

The course is based on the vitalistic philosophy of food and nutrition. Basically vitalism is viewing our bodies as a whole working system, including the interaction with their environment and culture. It teaches you to develop extensive knowledge and understanding of past and current trends that influence health and wellbeing. It simplifies the complexity of food and nutrition, enabling you to feel empowered to make sustainable, holistic changes in your own life and the lives of those around you. Some of the things you learn about include:

  • Food trends and nutrition in the 21st century
  • Vitalistic intelligence of the human body
  • How the modern world disrupts the intelligence of the human body
  • Autoimmunity and immune dysfunction
  • Cholesterol and fats
  • The survival role of sugar and salt
  • Understanding obesity through body and mind
  • Role of food in hormone balance
  • The balance of life: eating, exercise and elite sports
  • Diet-based solutions for health
  • Exploring nutrigenomics and the microbiome

The course also includes a bonus 6 week online Applied Business Course to provide graduates with business tools that they can implement to start and grow their businesses.

You can do the course at your own pace because it is online. It’s recommended to try and complete a module per month over a 12 month period. I worked really hard to do as much as I could before my daughter was born. Nine modules in five months! Then the last three took me four months. I guess this isn’t too bad given I had a baby and set up this blog too in those four months! The thing was, I never felt like I was studying when I was doing this course. When you have a passion for something and really enjoy it, it jut becomes an extension of what you do.

There are so many mixed messages about health and nutrition propagated by media and health authorities. Cyndi truly goes above and beyond to do her own research and provide unbiased health information not influenced by the food and agricultural industries. Even if you aren’t interested in the course, keep an eye on what Cyndi is up to and sharing by signing up to her newsletter and following her on social media.

I’ve personally found this course very empowering and a wonderful way to build my knowledge. It has given me the tools and the network of people and resources to be fully informed about decisions I make about our health and nutrition. It honestly gave me the confidence to start this blog so I could share my knowledge and learnings with you all. Because when you change your health and lifestyle, you can become an example of change to others. It may start small, but small changes can be a catalyst for bigger change amongst a whole community. Its all about the ‘ripple effect!’

If you are interested in finding out more about the course, check out the information on the Functional Nutrition Academy website. If you aren’t sure the Functional Nutrition Course is for you, there is also an Introductory Course to give you a taste first. The investment doesn’t end when you complete the course either. As a graduate, you are part of a community that is provided with ongoing education and support from the Changing Habits team and access to a wonderful network of like minded individuals.

Always eager to learn and expand my knowlegde, it’s been life changing for me!

Feel free to contact me if you want open and honest answers from a student’s perspective to your questions about this course. I’m more than happy to chat!

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