All about avocados

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What’s the fascination with avocados these days?

Avocados are often heralded by the health conscious as one of the new superfoods. They seem to pop up in everything from chocolate mousse to smoothies to cheesecake fillings. The creamy, rich and fatty texture means it blends well with various other ingredients.

An avocado is actually a fruit of a very unique and nutritious kind. The low fat matra we have been fed for decades is over. People are now turning to quality sources of real food to get their fat which is vital for healthy functioning of your body. Avocados are a wonderful option to get your dose of good quality fat from real food. Additionally, not only are they a good source of fibre, they also contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals. In fact avocados contain more potassium than bananas.

If you are wanting to try out some new and different ways of incorporating avocado into your diet, check out these ‘next level‘ recipes. Just a bit out of the ordinary, they will give you some unique ways to incorporate avocado into your diet. So next time you go food shopping, don’t forget to pick up an avocado or two.

I think I’m going to try and bake an egg in an avocado this weekend!

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