Do you really know what you are drinking?

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Tap water, bottled water, sparkling water, flavoured water, filtered water. Do you really know what you are drinking?

Back in 2014 when I was pregnant with my first child, I had just started on my journey to fully eliminate toxins and chemicals from my life.

I attended a wellness summit and it was an eye opening experience. A weekend powerhouse jam packed with inspirational speakers talking about all things health and wellness.

At the summit, one of the exhibitors was Zazen Water. I’d never really thought much about water filtration. I live in Melbourne and we have the best water in Australia right? Well it might taste the best (personal opinion from all the travel I have done) but it can still contain chemicals and toxins such as chlorine, fluoride, ammonia, lead, nitrate, bacteria and heavy metals. And if you live in a building with old plumbing, levels of some of these things may be even higher.

I talked to the Zazen representatives and took some information home that night to read.

One of my main concerns moving to water filtration was the removal of fluoride from our drinking water. We’ve always been told how essential it is for good dental health. However it isn’t as necessary as we’ve been led to believe. The World Health Organization collects data on tooth decay trends in each country. When you look at the graphs, the rates have consistently declined in all western countries regardless of whether the country has ever fluoridated its water. In fact, too much fluoride from multiple sources such as drinking water, food and beverages and toothpaste can have a severe impact on health by causing fluorosis. Fluorosis is discolouration of the tooth enamel that is caused by excess consumption of fluoride when the enamel is forming.

The more reading I did, the more concerned I became not only about the fluoride but our chlorine exposure. Chlorine is added to kill any microbes and prevent the spread of waterbourne diseases. This is essential for public health and safety but shouldn’t it be filtered out before we drink it?  There is evidence to suggest when we ingest this chlorine, it has the potential to adversely affect our gut flora.

The Zazen micro filtration system reduces 99.99% of chlorine and up to 90% of fluoride. The Alkaline Water System is available as either a BPA free plastic or a glass bottom tank. It holds 8 litres of water making it ideal for home use. As well as removing the chloride and fluoride, the multistage and ceramic filters also remove heavy metals, rust, sediments, organic matter, industrial poisons, agricultural poisons and bacteria. The bottom tank contains silver stones which act as a natural anti-bacterial agent to keep the tank clean. In addition it has natural mineral stones which re-mineralise the water with calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, silicon and other trace minerals. The World Health Organisation recommends that drinking water should contain these minerals, hence the importance of putting back in what is stripped out with the filtration process.

So I ended up purchasing the Zazen Alkaline Water System. We use it for all our drinking and cooking water we love it so much! So much so, my husband purchased an Alkaline Water System for his work office so he can enjoy the benefits there as well.

I also love the fact that there is no plastic bottle wastage from buying bottled water. I take my stainless steel water bottle full of Zazen filtered water everywhere we go. This also means no leaching of BPA from the plastic bottles into our water when they heat up in the bag or the car. Honestly, once you drink this water, you won’t go back to drinking normal tap water again. Even if it is Melbourne water. But as with anything, its impossible to completely avoid something all of the time. If you’re out for dinner and thirsty its OK to drink the tap water. The important thing is to try and minimise it as much as possible in your home environment. This is where you are likely to have the most exposure.

Like all water filtration systems, regular upkeep is required to keep the Zazen products working at their optimum. Replacement parts are required at regular intervals but Zazen have a great system in place whereby they send me an email when a part needs replacing.

For those interested in learning more, Jo Whitton from over at Quirky Cooking, along with Fouad Kassab just recently recorded a podcast on water filtration. Its worth a listen. And check out the Zazen website where you will find heaps more information about their philosophy and products.

I’d love to know about any other water filtration systems you use and can recommend. Let me know!

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