Book Review: Your Food by Malcolm McGuire

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I’m always of the look out for new books and articles to further my knowledge about food. It’s an ever evolving area. Our great grandparents wouldn’t even recognize three quarters of what we have available to consume these days. These processed foods however, are a blog post for another day.

It is a common misconception that a diet predominantly filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and meats will keep you healthy and disease free. However, with the relentless push to keep food affordable and prices down, the industry has turned to some very dangerous means of growing and producing these ‘fresh’ foods. This has widespread implications on our health and environment. Because of my concerns about many of these unorthodox methods. I try to live by the SLOW mantra when it comes to our household food: Seasonal Local Organic and Whole which is eating as close to what nature intended. I’m not keen on my family being part of this human experiment. And in case you are wondering, yes our fruit choices in the Winter months are fairly boring!

However, living like this can be costly although I justify it through reduced medical bills both now and in the future. It is also often difficult to source everything you need or want. And like everything, you can’t do it 100% of the time as sometimes other things in life just get in the way.

Your Food: Where Food Comes From and How it is Produced can help guide you to understand:

  • Where you can safely consume from a conventionally grown and produced source or
  • Where organic is preferential

Did you know that:

  • Washing conventionally grown strawberries and grapes is a futile exercise? Some of the pesticides used on them are absorbed by the plant and are present in its tissues
  • Conventionally grown rockmelons are dipped in fungicides post harvest so they don’t rot? Often this residue is transferred to your hands and fingers when you handle the fruit
  • Many chemicals sprayed on Australian grown fruits and vegetables are banned in other countries? They will not accept our exports of these

Neither did I but now I do and can actively avoid these conventionally grown versions in our diets.

It is amazing reference guide on Australian grown or raised fruits, vegetables, milk and other dairy products, meats, eggs and seafoods. It details:

  • How it was grown, raised or caught
  • Production methods
  • Pesticides, herbicides or insecticides used and health risks
  • Sustainability
  • Regions where it is produced
  • Organic alternatives if available

What I love about this book is that it is Australian! Often many studies and references point to overseas produce which isn’t necessarily a reflection on what we have locally as the environment and farming methods are different.

This is a must have reference for any household concerned about their health and consumption of chemical load.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Your Food by Malcolm McGuire”

  1. Hi Megan, thank you so much for your kind words about my book, YOUR FOOD. It was certainly a labour of love putting together and I had so much fun with the visuals. I tried to make the goods as lifesize as possible, even the livestock (and did you notice how they eyeball you?)
    Love your site.
    Take care,
    Malcolm McGuire

    1. Thank you very much Malcolm. The book is such a great resource that I’m already referring to over and over. And the visuals are fabulous – they really make it! Well done on all your hard work in making this available to everyone to improve their food choices.

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